Thank you everyone for the amazing grand opening we had, We are now 1300 players online the first 4 hours and running completely smooth with zero delays, lags and downtime! As promised we are never going to fail any of you and we will keep developing rebellion and take it to the next level! Again we appreciate your support.

Note : if you have any suggestion always bring it up and we will surely take it into consideration.


Greetings everyone, It's our great pleasure to welcome you all in the official grand opening of Rebellion online, with all what we seeked and achieved it would have never been possible without the presence of every single one of you, lots have been done, and lots are yet to be done, let the journey begin!

Server Stats

  • Players Online: 162/4000
  • Supporters Online: 0/0
  • Server Time: 00:00:00
  • Cap: 100
  • Race: Chinese Only
  • SOLO XP: 45x
  • PT XP: 50x
  • Guild Limit: 24
  • Union Limit: 3
  • Max Plus: 12
  • Magic-Pop Disabled

Fortress Occupiers

Unique History

  • Khea killed [STR] Uruchi 280 hour(s) 39 minute(s) ago.
  • Khea killed [STR] Cerberus 280 hour(s) 33 minute(s) ago.
  • Syrax killed [STR] Tiger Girl 280 hour(s) 22 minute(s) ago.
  • Khea killed [STR] Lord Yarkan 280 hour(s) 12 minute(s) ago.
  • WartrololoXD killed [INT] Demon Shaitan 280 hour(s) 12 minute(s) ago.